King's Indian Attack


This game was played in a category 4 Master Norm Event. 8/12 is required to make an IM norm.
I'm desperately close to that goal...

The King's Indian Attack is a quite modest opening system for white. He doesn't make a claim in the center.
Instead he calmly develops his pieces and only later hopes to launch an attack on the kingside.
The King's Indian Attack should only be played when black has already commited his pawn to e6,
otherwise black can play e5 in one tempo and much of the "steam" would already be out of white's "attack".

Slaying The Dragon!


The Sicilian Dragon is generally having a hard time these years.
So, I wasn't too worried that my opponent chose excactly that for our game in the Champions League 2012, group B, board 3 .
I'm playing board 3 for the team.
With only 1 game left, I'm 1 point from an International Master norm. Unfortunately I don't believe I can win it :-(